Hey guys I know I kinda stopped making the collages that was quick aha and I’m sorry I started feeling something was missing.. And then I realised like those things don’t acc really help people, you see I want to help people become mentally and physically healthy so I’ve made an Instagram it’s @key.to.health and it’s just some challenges and exercises to do and facts about your body and brain stuff that will make you happy and probably the odd food. Emm yeh it’s there if you want to follow it, I don’t do shoutouts :) x



It’s A Puppy!



So did anyone hear about the officer who placed a woman under arrest for breastfeeding in NYC? She went to get on her bus, he pulled her back by the collar of her shirt, and as a result she dropped her 3 month old baby. He still placed her under arrest while her baby was lying on the concrete with a cracked skull. Her daughter died at the hospital while she was at the police station. He’s on PAID leave.